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Rumpus Creative crafts videos that promote your products, vision and brand story.  We strive to Inform and inspire by connecting emotionally to consumers through striking moving visuals and targeted messaging.

Mayvenn Hair Products Social Media Campaign

Fierce. Glam. Hair.

Topfoxx Sunglass Fashion Social Media videos

Sunnies for winter

Soleil Toujours Skincare and sunscreen social media campaign

Organic sunscreen and skincare for the sun lover.

CONAIR social media campaign

Big night? Frizzy hair? Straighten in minutes with CONAIR Infiniti Pro.
Rumpus Creative ipad

HEADSTART FINANCIAL branded commercial campaign

Life is better with a Headstart ...

WI-CHARGE PRODUCT VIDEOS for social media and web branding

A unique wireless power charging device for phones and more

SHURE MICROPHONE Social media video

To commemorate 50 years, the Shure SM58 microphone weaves through a performers career.

Beckmen Vineyards Web page and social media Video and Photography

Web videos and still photography capture a working estate Vineyard.


Since 2008 Rumpus Creative has been producing polished videos for broadcast commercials, digital content and music videos under the guidance of award wining live action director and editor Patrick Kiely.

As a hands on creative filmmaker, Patrick has worked with global clients in fashion, sports, gaming, and music. His creative versatility allows him to jump from a lifestyle shoot for Aussie Hair to a branded X-Box spot with Selena Gomez.

boutique creative

Boutique Creative

Small and nimble with creative ideas that deliver on your brand message. Ideation, scripting & treatments.

smart production

Smart Production

Only the resources you need to balance quality with value. Storyboard, casting, direction, photography & live action shoot.

high end finishing

High End Finishing

State of the art digital editing, compositing and finishing. Editing, design, animation, voice over, music licensing.

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