Fight for a cure of GSD and Diabetes social media PSA

Hard work, focus and discipline are important ingredients for success and critically important for those trying to stay healthy and fit while battling disease. 15 year old Jake was diagnosed with a life threatening disease called Glycogen Storage Disease ( ) and his trainer Jay was recently diagnosed with Type I Diabetes ( ). Watch how they work through their obstacles on the road to a cure in this motivational video.


The video was created to increase awareness for Glycogen Storage Disease 1a and Diabetes 1a while capturing the inspiration of Jake and Jay’s physical and emotional challenges and triumphs.

Crafting a story that captured an emotional edge with a motivational tone was a production and  editing challenge.

The decision to shoot all the b-roll footage in extreme slow motion frame rates enhanced the visual components of the video. The music track played a key role in lifting the day to day life images and workout sequences into a cinematic inspired tone.


The footage of Jay was so impressive on its own this (unofficial) video was created to capture his own message and impressive feats.