Rumpus Creative is a video agency specializing in creating commercials and digital content to promote new products, artist and brand stories.  We strive to Inform and inspire by connecting emotionally to consumers through striking moving visuals and targeted messaging.

We immerse ourselves in your brand, craft a unique story that resonates and execute seamless production, design and post while maintaining  time and budget efficiency. With over two decades of experience, dozens of awards and a host of global brands, we specialize in solid creative that is fine tuned to your brand message with a little extra volume!

The creative process should be fun and maybe a little loud!


Since 2008 Rumpus Creative has been producing polished videos for broadcast commercials, digital content and music videos under the guidance of award wining live action director and editor Patrick Kiely. As a hands on creative filmmaker, Patrick has worked with global clients in fashion, sports, gaming and music.

Patrick’s creative versatility allows him to jump from a lifestyle shoot for Aussie Hair to a branded spot with Selena Gomez.

Partnering with entertainment and lifestyle brands, Rumpus Creative has crafted videos for the likes of Aussie Hair, Target, Kohl’s, Disney Channel, Mattel, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, X-box, Nabi, Hallmark Channel and Virgin Records to list a few.


Creating an atmosphere that fosters collaboration and conversation, Rumpus Creative continues to work with clients one on one delivering unparalleled personal service in a unique boutique environment.


Ideation, scripting, treatments


storyboard, casting, direction, photography, live action shoot, Behind the scenes


editing, design, animation, voice over, music licensing, mixing, digital media


Commercial Video Campaigns

Promote your business or product brand across all media from social and streaming to broadcast and print advertising. Short targeted video content engages consumers and converts them into clients and fans.

We work to bring your brand story to life in a script and board presentation, laying out a blue print for live action execution. We engage and prep all the logistics related to a live action shoot from research, direction, casting, scheduling, equipment, travel, locations, permissions and insurance. Through post production we assemble the footage in edit, record voice over, license music and design/animate for a final polished video.


Tell a larger brand story about your product or business and it’s vision for the future. Engage your consumer through long form documentaries stories or unique viral presentations that they identify with and respond to. Convert the curious into believers and brand ambassadors.

We craft a creative treatment that encompasses your brand story and suggests creative and logistic direction to implement it. We engage and prep all the moving parts related to a live action shoot from direction, casting, scheduling, travel, equipment, locations and permissions. Through post production we assemble the footage in edit, record voice over, license music and design/animate for a final polished video.

Music Videos

Music creates a vibrant emotional connection that resonates deep in our psyche. Dynamic visuals complemented by music can tell deep emotional stories about your cause, mission and brand. We partner with musical artists, records labels, lifestyle and fashion brands to tap into this connection.

Music drives the creative idea that we draft in a treatment form with references and suggested locations. We execute the direction, production, casting, equipment, locations, travel and permissions for an efficient shoot. Through post production the edit and animation of the final video builds on the music bed for a dynamic video.