Tips for a Strategic Digital Brand Campaign

Crafting funnel pages, newsletters, paid social media and cutting through all the clutter requires a defined short and long term creative strategy. Blasting out a new campaign is only the first step in a long game. There will be success and mistakes as you innovate and adapt after your launch. We selected 4 tips that will ensure results that connect.


As you develop or refresh your brand and craft your social media objective, define where you want to go and take into account past mistakes. What do you want to achieve? What is your brand mission? What have you learned from your last campaign that you can apply to this one?

  • Identify, research and cater to your audience’s likes, dislikes, goals and aspirations. Learn to speak their language.
    • Compile demographics; age, gender and location.
  • Design a creative brief with clear goals and expected challenges.
    • Focus on brand awareness through personality and values.
  • Decide on type of content and how to best tell your story.
    • Promotion? Testimonial? Lifestyle? How to? Animation? Influencer? Combination of all?

Crafting a campaign mission may require a variety of content and messaging for different channels. explore how each direction may GROW YOUR AUDIENCE.

We crafted a campaign for Soleil Toujours touting the unique organic line of products in a style and tone reminiscent of a retro Cote-D’Azure.  With a rolling delivery we continue to arm Soleil Toujours with lifestyle, demo and testimonial videos for social media.


Now that your media needs for a complete 360 digital campaign are defined, you are ready to engage a production partner. Consider social media experience and previous work examples before choosing a creative team.  If your shoot is scheduled prudently, a single day can net you a trove of video and stills.

  • Focus on the creative objective and plan within your means. (Your production partner can help with schedule and budget)
    • Keep your creative direction, casting and locations within your budget parameters.
    • Stick to your schedule and don’t get side tracked by details that could compromise the end of day or budget.
  • The shoot process could be content worthy as well.
    • Consider working with an influencer, shoot behind the scenes, UGC, invite ambassadors and document everything! Allow room for verticals.
    • If shooting testimonials, allow time for b-roll shots that can compliment your story.
  • Consider all the options to maximize your seasonal content needs.
    • Working on a tight budget and schedule?  With a quick wardrobe change like a sweater for winter or sun glasses for summer you now have seasonal footage.

Unplanned authentic moments CAPTURED ON SET may speak to your audience more effectively.

Fierce. Glam. Hair. Mayvenn’s rebrand required a suite of eye catching visuals for their social media campaign. So we pitched a complete package wrapped in lots of high fashion clothing, stunning make-up and tossed hair. We delivered a suite of videos in multiple lengths and formats.

TopFoxx winter campaign with influencer Megan Hannigan introduce a new “sunnie” shot with a crew of two over one day. Styling by Nordstrom studio services was done off site and Make-up was done by talent.

A suite of videos and stills (grabbed from the video footage) were used for the paid campaign.


Grow your audience by speaking their language. Know their desires, fears and goals and address them with an authentic voice. Consider the sentiment of your messaging.

  • Real people, real stories, real connections.
    • A testimonial format makes an emotional connection to a brand story. Real people sharing challenges and solutions is relatable.
    • Lifestyle shoots are a great way to capture an authentic and aspirational tone. Consider mixing promotion with lifestyle.
  • Design graphic text to pin point your key messaging and let your images make the emotional connection.
    • Consider ONLY animated graphic text if creating or purchasing stock media is cost prohibitive.


We crafted a suite of videos for CONAIR’S newest product, by pitching and executing an authentic lifestyle that highlights the product features with smooth, shiny results. Looking great while on the go.

To capture the Taylorson Design story, owner Elizabeth shares her journey across 5 continents to find and perfect her vision of a sheen knit with fine yarn. In addition to her story and the demo of the clothing, we created 360-degree videos for each line of product.


Connecting and growing your audience means monitoring their feedback. Find ways to keep them interested and wanting to know more by adjusting your messaging and content.

  • Manage your expectations as you embark on a weekly paid campaign.
  • Monitor results and tweak posts that show promise. More engaging copy or images in the first 5 seconds might do the trick.
  • Pick your channels and consider a dashboard that can manage, monitor and mesh your analytics.

ALREADY HAVE MEDIA? Rework existing media into fun, informative and eye catching mashups. ANIMATE BOLD TEXT GRAPHICS OVER IMAGES THAT SHOUT-OUT YOUR MESSAGE IN THE FIRST 5 seconds.

We have collaborated with Stealth Fitness to due just that. Through a result driven campaign, we continue to fine tune a suite of videos that resonate on FB and IG ads.