Beckmen Vineyards Digital Campaign


Creating web videos and still photography that captured a working estate vineyard and wine tasting room was a unique experience.

Shot over two weekends from early sun rise over the vineyards to the harvesting of grapes and fermentation, we fully immersed ourselves in the vine making process. The owners Steve and Tom Beckmen walked us through each step of the process and shared their story of creating an estate vineyard and the operations behind the magic of delicious wine.


For the relaunch of the new website designed by DBURNS we set about crafting a unique story through video and photos. Through reference pictures and suggested approach and scenes, we pitched a story that was personal and tangible. From the owners lifestyle to the guest experience an assortment of footage in photography and video would be compiled over several days.


After conversation with our client on the best approach and timing with operations, we prepped and scheduled multiple shoot days for photography and video. We set out to capture the fall harvest in the early morning light, staged wine tasting scenes, and shot interviews with the Beckmens.

Several techniques from time lapse, moving crane shots and slow motion SCENES enhance the visual impact of the videos.

The photography was carefully positioned and dressed to fully accent the attributes of the location and the website design.


The first video of the series highlights the wine club membership perks. (Above) The second video (Below) is a short guest experience on what to expect when visiting the Vineyards.