Disney Mobile Game commercial and social media

With the launch of Disney’s Club Penguin island mobile game, we teamed with Disney Channel to create a promo video with “Stuck in the Middle” stars Ariana Greenblatt and Malachi Barton. Once creative and set design were locked we jumped straight into building the set and shooting. Graphic game branded design and snappy editing enhanced the features of the game and introduced a new “Tangled the Series” avatar.

Creating mobile game and app product videos is always a challenge. Finding the perfect balance between a small mobile screen in the talents hands to the wider environment shots that set the tone. In this case we designed a fun sun drenched lounge set with a few branded characters photos and props that tie back to the mobile game.

The dangling bulb filaments where to bright on camera…so over 80 bulbs where dulled with spray.

The set rendering included as many details as possible from chair types, textures and colors.