Crafting lifestyle with brand messaging has been at the core of several millennial targeted campaigns I have created. These are a few examples including a campaign for Aussie hair (a bit more in your face then slice of life), Conair hair for the female demographic, and Beckmen Vineyard Estates (a few lifestyle shots within a more traditional doc-narrative video)


There’s more to life than hair and our commercial and social media production for Aussie Hair captures an epic weekend adventure as three girls escape to sandy beaches, forest hikes, warehouse trolley races, under water antics and nighttime fireworks. Aussie product is their partner in crime.

Released in the UK cinema, TV and European social media the Aussie Hair campaign engaged consumers across all media platforms.

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Creating web videos and still photography that captured a working estate vineyard and wine tasting room was a unique experience. Shot over two weekends from early sun rise over the vineyards to the harvesting of grapes and fermentation, we fully immersed ourselves in the wine making process. The owners Steve and Tom Beckmen walked us through each step of the process and shared their story of creating an estate vineyard and the operations behind the magic of delicious wine worthy of the Obama White House.

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When using the Conair® Diamond-Infused Hot Brush, hair is straightened beautifully with time to spare for life … And our lifestyle fashion spots capture just that, as the models demo the product and then bounce into life with excited confidence.

Captured through stylized photography and authentic lifestyle scenes, each spot highlights the product features with smooth, shiny results. Looking great while on the go.

Conair infiniti pro hair commercial



International recording artist Y’AKOTO of Warner Music Europe, shoots her “Tobo Darling” music video in Los Angeles. The video captures a day in the life of an old neighborhood barber shop. Colorful characters gossip, laugh, dance and get their hair done along with Y’AKOTO. “Tobo” means relax in Ghana and that’s just how Y’AKOTO sings of a man that should show himself “once in a while.”

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wi6With a new era in wireless technology, Wi-Charge introduces a unique wireless power charging device for phones and more. Crafted for a social media and website launch (20 mill views)  the live action footage was shot around the concept of a day in the life of a young woman. The charging transmitter activates sleeve devices in each scene, represented by animated beam graphics to enhanced the features of the device.



With a tagline “For the man who has everything” we worked to craft a sophisticated tone for Flybold’s Whiskey Decanter set. From concept and casting to shoot and post production we set about showcasing the details of the decanter in the hands of a refined couple.