The following mini-case studies include fitness and health projects we have crafted from start to finish, or are part of ongoing paid social media content creation from client assets.


FITON is the #1 home fitness app, offering a range of free and pro features. We created several versions of their story and Pro offerings through social media and in app video ads.


System 2 personal trainer and video AI platform launch video. We created a concept, script and executed the shoot, edit and design for the final video.

Stealth Fitness

STEALTH FITNESS planking, gaming and subscription service rely on us for ongoing paid social media content  on all its platforms. From Facebook to amazon we have tailored a monthly plan that keeps their brand front and center. They currently have 60 thousand subscriptions.

Apple App video introduction


Hard work, focus and discipline are important ingredients for success and critically important for those trying to stay healthy and fit while battling disease. Jay a personal trainer was recently diagnosed with Type I Diabetes ( ). Part of the doc-narrative for GSD

Partial video

Full project