Couchgram App social media Video

In the need for call privacy on all of your incoming calls? The Couchgram APP offers multiple functions to manage your call privacy. Currently in 230 countries Couchgram APP is expanding in the US market and refreshing its website with the Rumpus created content.¬† The video showcases the app’s use as part of a fun family affair. Found on the play google app store.

The casting for the video can be seen on an episode of a new TV show¬† “THE CASTING CALL” on Myx TV.

We expanded the creative with our client to craft a video that is part commercial and part demo highlighting the app features in four fun scenarios. The idea of involving a TV show to reveal the casting process and also air the final video in millions of homes through Direct TV was an added bonus we offered the client – who quickly signed on.





With Couchgrams international reach, versions of the video in multiple languages was needed. We delivered a toolkit with easy options to swap out the text in all of the windows of the video including the app functions.