Feeding social media and cutting through all the clutter requires a defined short and long term creative strategy. Crafting and blasting out a new campaign is only the first step in a long game. There will be success and mistakes as you innovate and adapt after your launch. Tweaking, testing and refreshing your message based on measured results is the long game…

THROUGH STRIKING VISUAL STORIES, WE MAKE AN emotional connection to your brand.

We think of your campaign as an ongoing conversation based on desires, fears and aspirations and explore different perspectives, themes and channels to make an engaging social media campaign that grows your audience. Here are a few examples.


STEALTH FITNESS planking, gaming and subscription service rely on us for ongoing paid social media content across all platforms. From live action shoots to working with existing material, we tailor ADS based on measured results and continued collaboration with the Stealth team.

Fresh content resides on Facebook, IG, You Tube and their consumer websites, keeping their brand front and center.

StealthGO launches a travel size version of the their popular plank.

We spearheaded all of their photo and video content needs starting with the script, casting and location scout to a multi-day shoot, edit of 80 photos, primary sales and amazon videos.

The 2 minute primary sale:

One of a suite of Paid Ads  focused on the game experience:


We continue to craft digital content for Sutra Beauty’s hair tools and products, from executing shoots to multi-channel suite deliverables.  Some fo the projects have been geared toward social media, Amazon, and Macy’s product pages.

Facebook AD. Fun stop motion transition from frizzy to curled.


We continue to craft digital content for Sutra Beauty’s hair tools and products, from executing shoots to mult

Our campaign for AIPER’s full line of eight pool cleaners from industrial to cordless app controlled units called for us to literally dive in when crafting the video and still content. Shot over two days and two locations we crafted a suite of video and stills for each machine in action from consumer experience to product demo. Deliverables included web and amazon videos along with still images of each pool cleaner.


Living a worry free life starts with your gut. From concept and script through shoot and edit we delivered a suite of social media content for Banatrol and Floratrol that inform and highlight the key features of each.


We crafted a campaign for Soleil Toujours touting the unique organic line of products in a style and tone reminiscent of a retro Cote-D’Azure.  With a rolling delivery we continue to arm Soleil Toujours with lifestyle, demo and testimonial videos for social media.


FITON is the #1 home fitness app, offering a range of free and pro features. We created several versions of their story and Pro offerings through social media and in app video ads.


TopFoxx sunglass winter campaign with influencer Megan Hannigan introduce a new “sunnie” no matter the weather.  Shot over a day with styling by Nordstrom studio services, Megan shows off the latest glasses by Topfoxx.

As part of the deliverables we crafted videos and stills for all of their digital needs.


Fierce. Glam. Hair. Mayvenn’s rebrand required a suite of eye catching visuals for their digital platforms. So we pitched a complete package wrapped in lots of high fashion clothing, stunning make-up and tossed hair.  With an amazing team of talent, stylist, make-up, hair, crew, unique location and one leaf blower we made these.

Multiple short form edits for FB and IG.


There’s more to life than hair and our commercial and social media production for Aussie Hair captures an epic weekend adventure as three girls escape to sandy beaches, forest hikes, warehouse trolley races, under water antics and nighttime fireworks. Aussie product is their partner in crime.

Released in the UK cinema, TV and European social media the Aussie Hair campaign engaged consumers across all media platforms in five languages.



To commemorate 50 years as the most popular live vocal mic in the world we crafted a doc-narrative video around singer and performer Kristine Mirelle and her unforgettable experiences with the Shure SM58 microphone.  Her story touches on the personal experiences of life as a performer in Los Angeles and how the SM58 was there from the beginning.





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