Product Videos

The following mini-case studies highlight our product web video campaigns from new brand launches, Amazon videos, kickstarter campaigns and B2B. With each video we aim to capture a products unique offering and share it through memorable images.


A digital campaign of video and stills for Sutra Beauty’s new hair tools kept us busy crafting creative, executing the shoot and designing the edit. From before and after looks, to demo of the tools we shot and designed five product demos that highlight the features of each tool and the amazing results.


With a new era in wireless technology, Wi-Charge introduces a unique wireless power charging device for phones and more. Crafted for a social media and website launch (20 mill views)  the live action footage was shot around the concept of a day in the life of a young woman. The charging transmitter activates sleeve devices in each scene, represented by animated beam graphics to enhanced the features of the device.



Video and photography e-commerce digital media was created for a wayfair distributer included lifestyle and assembly videos.


We crafted a series of videos for a wireless three color task lamp by Stella Go.  Part demo and part lifestyle define the uses and features for this unique lamp.


Spearheaded by our video campaign, a new generation of AI powered wireless headphones hit the market. With short and long form promo videos showcasing the many ground breaking features, the Edge headphone from Nahamichi stands out from others. Animated graphics highlight and demonstrate the AI attributes of the headphones while music punctuates the scene tones.

The video has been released across several digital platforms from social media to crowd sourcing sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


With a tagline “For the man who has everything” we worked to craft a sophisticated tone for Flybold’s Whiskey Decanter set. From concept and casting to shoot and post production we set about showcasing the details of the decanter in the hands of a refined couple.


Anna Marti Cosmetics expand their line of water proof 3D eyelashes with a suite of social media content. Part lifestyle and demo we crafted a campaign that highlights the unique qualities of the eyelashes within the brands expanding mission. The production revolved around a poolside location and a beauty influencer. Videos and stills were delivered for website and social.


My Calm Blanket reached out to RC for a revitalized social media campaign that would capture the essence and benefits of their hot selling weighted blanket. We crafted and executed a concept that reveals the benefits of the blanket with a stylized approach targeted toward woman in their 20’s-40’s.

The :60 second spot will work across all platforms from Youtube to Facebook and a :15 second spot was delivered for Instagram.


A wireless antenna and app make watching live TV effortless. WatchAir breaks into the market with our commercial video introducing it’s exciting features. This smart wireless antenna streams live TV directly from a WatchAir™ antenna to any smart phone, tablet, streaming box and stick, and smart TV. In collaboration with EPICT, the creators of the antenna, we crafted a video that captured the attributes of the antenna and accompanying App. From drafting the creative and casting to shooting and post production, the commercial hinges on the fun emotional impact of a wireless life.

Watchair product commercial


When using the Conair® Diamond-Infused Hot Brush, hair is straightened beautifully with time to spare for life … And our lifestyle fashion spots capture just that, as the models demo the product and then bounce into life with excited confidence.

Captured through stylized photography and authentic lifestyle scenes, each spot highlights the product features with smooth, shiny results. Looking great while on the go.

Conair infiniti pro hair commercial