We work closely with our clients in crafting the ideation, branding, creative, copy, casting, locations, shoot, editing and delivery of agile content for launch and beyond.

In addition to creating the brand video, we include social media images and videos for the prelaunch campaign. It’s highly recommended that any kickstarter launch first start with a pre-sale push.





Spearheaded by our video campaign, a new generation of AI powered wireless headphones hit the market. With short and long form promo videos showcasing the many ground breaking features, the Edge headphone from Nakamichi stands out from others.


wi6With a new era in wireless technology, Wi-Charge introduces a unique wireless power charging device for phones and more. Crafted for a social media and website launch the live action footage was shot around the concept of a day in the life of a young woman. The charging transmitter activates sleeve devices in each scene, represented by animated beam graphics to enhanced the features of the device.


Tasked with creating a video of inspirational dreams for a vision board brand, we set about crafting a fun engaging story. Our host Tanya, steps us through the many features of the product while also sharing some of her own dreams with a little tongue and cheek humor.