The following digital content packages highlight our services that include script copy, video and photo shoot with or without talent, editing & revisions. Many of these projects are shot in our contemporary house or studio location. The first two packages include one video that could be converted into a suite of social media videos for an additional costs. For more about these social media packages. *Additional fee for creating listing copy.

STARTER / $700 – $1,500

Our starter package gives you everything you need for the launch of a new product. We deliver photos and video that showcase your product in multiple scenarios.

This package includes: Live action with text animation video (under :45 seconds) & product photos

This project fee includes high quality photos and video shot in a contemporary house or studio. Hand movement or animation of the product, highlight features and lean on a demo product experience.

Examples on the lower budget range:

Example on higher budget range:

LIFESTYLE / $1,500 – $3,500 +

The lifestyle package includes talent scenes that make an emotional connection to your product. A smiling person showcases features in an everyday setting.

We collaborate with you on the script to assure we highlight the important features. Video text animation and digital photos reflect all the attributes that make your product stand out.

This package includes: Live action with text animation video (under :45 seconds), 10 product photos & Talent (Number of talent will effect the budget range)

Example in lower budget range:

Example in higher budget range (Additional fees for number of talent or bathroom set) :

MULTIPLES / $3,500 +

These projects call for multiple locations and talent with enough digital footage to create a suite of content in video and photography. This could be multiple versions and or social media video components. As the creative idea and extent of deliverables can vary please contact for a budget based on your exact needs.

Partial examples of video campaigns: