Documentary narrative videos personalize product advertising

Telling a products story through the voice of real people makes a compelling and emotional connection.  Documentary narrative videos are exploding across commercial and social media because it is an effective way to celebrate, inform or identify with a product through the eyes of real people with authentic stories.

In crafting an effective VIDEO STORY we COLLABORATE with our clients to define their message.

  1. What is your brands unique offering
  2. What are the customers challenges or curiosity in your product
  3. What solutions or new information can you provide

Taylorson Design Documentary Narrative video

documentary narrative stories can promote empathy and offer insight and solutions to everyday challenges.

Shure microphone. Documentary Narrative video

Some of our documentary narrative videos for SHURE microphones 50th anniversary, Barbie I Can Be a Professional Surfer, Taylorson Design, GSD and Diabetes Public Service Message and a White House served Estate Vineyard, all have one thing in common; Heartfelt slice of life moments captured in a raw form. Nothing is forced, scripted or polished.

The documentary narrative rides on the voice of the subject. Intimate. Personal.

Documentary Narrative video

The production approach is often nimble and cozy. We seek the truth and travel with the narrative to capture the subjects life in their settings. This means small crew, several locations and lots of spontaneity.

As seen in our Estate Vineyard video for the award winning and White House served Beckmen wines, we shot over 3 days from the early morning harvest to the afternoon barrel tasting. (more info)

Documentary narrative stories are made in the edit room. Typically more footage is shot then needed, which allows for some exploration in finding the right voice and tone to tell the story and connect to the brands identity.


Since the beginning of time stories have always captured the heart and mind. Today’s documentary narrative video is no different.