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From Entertainment and Tech to Food and Finance below are a few mini case studies crafted around a testimonial format. No matter what the service or product, we work closely with our clients to develop and execute a dynamic story that resonates with their target audience. We always aim to capture authentic real stories with a visual quality that enhances the story message.


To commemorate 50 years as the most popular live vocal mic in the world we crafted a doc-narrative video around singer and performer Kristine Mirelle and her unforgettable experiences with the Shure SM58 microphone.  Her story touches on the personal experiences of life as a performer in Los Angeles and how the SM58 was there from the beginning.


GSD/DIABETES – awareness video

Hard work, focus and discipline are important ingredients for success and critically important for those trying to stay healthy and fit while battling disease. 15 year old Jake was diagnosed with a life threatening disease called Glycogen Storage Disease ( www.curegsd.org ) and his trainer Jay was recently diagnosed with Type I Diabetes ( www.jdrf.org ). Watch how they work through their obstacles on the road to a cure in this motivational video.



Magalix has introduced a unique AI cloud based infrastructure. With offices in Seattle and San Francisco we interviewed founders, client, VC and experts who shared a story of cloud service challenges and the solutions Magalix offers. In addition to this video several cut down short videos were created for social media.


Creating web videos and still photography that captured a working estate vineyard and wine tasting room was a unique experience. Shot over two weekends from early sun rise over the vineyards to the harvesting of grapes and fermentation, we fully immersed ourselves in the wine making process. The owners Steve and Tom Beckmen walked us through each step of the process and shared their story of creating an estate vineyard and the operations behind the magic of delicious wine worthy of the White House.



To capture the Taylorson Design story from design, sourcing and creation, designer Elizabeth shares her journey across 5 continents to find and perfect her vision of a sheen knit with fine yarn. In addition to her story and the visual showcase of the clothing, Rumpus created 360-degree videos for each line of product.




Make My Car Invisible global launch reaches out to drivers with a new approach to offsetting their carbon count.  Through this innovative program making a change is made attainable for the average driver. We created a social media campaign of personal stories to drive this message through multiple social media outlets.

Crown Mae DESIGN

We created a suite of digital content videos and stills for Crown Mae’s launch – a unique jumpsuit clothing line for woman of all body types. The designer was Inspired by her and her sisters challenges with weight and frustration with the fashion worlds fixation on skinny models. Her brand message is told through her personal story complimented by scenes of her process and patented design. From this master video we created a dozen short videos for her social media campaign.