Bringing fashion video production to consumer products

Fashion video production. Fashion video

Fashion video trends constantly change. But from a filmmakers perspective one aspect of fashion video production remains the same; iconic images. From a lifestyle video like Aussie Hair or show and tell fashion for Kohl’s & Disney’s Colleen Atwood Collection to a new clothing line for Taylorson design or music videos of all genres from David Cook to Y’Akoto,  the take away is always stylized and rousing.

David Cook Video. Music Video

powerful images echo the brand position and burn an impression into our PSYChE.

With a background in commercial fashion and music video production I’ve always had an eye for visual storytelling, pop fashion trends and great music. Most of the time you are on the forefront of a trend if not molding a new one in collaboration with clients or artist. This can be both exciting and risky … but always rewarding.

Yakoto Music Video Fashion music video

Fashion video production. Fashion video

This music video background influences my approach in all my commercial video productions that call for an “on trend” or “lifestyle” edge. Fashion trends can be embellished through so many aspects of production from casting and wardrobe to film looks and locations. Sprinkle a little attitude, cool music track, powerful graphics and you have a fashion video ready for consumption.

AUSSIE HAIR COMMERCIAL WAS geared Toward a millennial lifestyle in casting, execution and post design.

Aussie hair commercial video production

Aussie Commercial

Trends in storytelling and shooting techniques always change. The challenge is to compliment that trend while creating an unforgettable connection to the brand. This could mean an eye for flashy beauty glamour or maybe a more raw lifestyle fashion video production. Either way it’s always about capturing the brands appeal through quality artistic execution.kohls_looking

skullcandy web video production

From collaborating on the creative idea, scripting, boarding, casting, live action shoot, green screen to animation and graphics, everything is fleshed out on paper first.  It allows us the freedom to experiment and explore without committing costly resources … and assures we are on track with our client targets.

We listen and research to understand our clients product before writing creative and COMMENCING production.

Behind the scenes video production green screen

Not all fashion video productions are big mammoth shoots.

A doc-narrative web video production can be a very effective for social media. A design label launches a new product like Taylorson Design. The creative approach is small and nimble but the goal and outcome is still the same as any large production. Smart “on trend” artistic creative.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.01.57 AM

My experience in music video fashion trends and visual storytelling push that sensibility into my commercial video productions. From hair products to clothing lines each can benefit from being “on trend” with smart demographic geared creative and quality video production.

Fashion in music. Fashion in clothing. Fashion in lifestyle. Fashion in attitude.