4 tips for a dynamic social media campaign

Feeding paid social media and cutting through all the clutter requires a defined short and long term creative strategy. Crafting and blasting out a new campaign is only the first step in a long game. There will be success and mistakes as you innovate and adapt after your launch. We selected 4 tips that willRead More

Documentary narrative videos personalize product advertising

Telling a products story through the voice of real people makes a compelling and emotional connection.  Documentary narrative videos are exploding across commercial and social media because it is an effective way to celebrate, inform or identify with a product through the eyes of real people with authentic stories. In crafting an effective VIDEO STORYRead More

Bringing fashion video production to consumer products

Fashion video trends constantly change. But from a filmmakers perspective one aspect of fashion video production remains the same; iconic images. From a lifestyle video like Aussie Hair or show and tell fashion for Kohl’s & Disney’s Colleen Atwood Collection to a new clothing line for Taylorson design or music videos of all genres fromRead More

Winter in Paris

In the cold of winter (l’hiver) I found myself in Paris capturing landmarks and everyday scenes with no real purpose. Ripping my gloves off in the cold air to point and shoot before the hands froze was an uncomfortable challenge – but well worth it. I finally got around to editing the footage together andRead More

Behind The Scenes in Kiev

It’s not too often cameras follow directors on a music video. But in this case it was notable, as the worst winter in decades for Kiev, Ukraine (thats -30 degrees) found us scrambling to stay warm through two days of shooting. Add to this 4 locations, 3 company moves, dozens of extras, and you haveRead More


Once in a while we embark on a short film adventure, and this was certainly one with surprises around every corner. We literally destroyed a friends house, shot hours and hours on red cameras and created a unreal world complete with exploding boulders. With an amazing cast and crew, 4 days shooting and special effectsRead More