Multiple versions on air now. (Production, DIRECTION, 3-d Animation, Post Assembly)

Our latest promo campaign for NBC NEWS Los Angeles bounced us around the city from the KNBC news studios and high atop a landmark helipad to a live remote broadcast and active crime scenes. With remote vans, choppers and dopplers NBC4 blankets the city – and we saw it in action over four nights of shooting.In addition to location production we shot in the the news studio for dynamic shots of the news anchors at work. Our steadycam designed shots float past each of the anchors as they go about their newscast. The sweeping shots graphically framed for a nod to each viewing platform.



GSD/DIABETES doc-narrative awareness video

(Creative, Production, Direction, Post) Shot in New York.

Hard work, focus and discipline are important ingredients for success and critically important for those trying to stay healthy and fit while battling disease. 15 year old Jake was diagnosed with a life threatening disease called Glycogen Storage Disease ( www.curegsd.org ) and his trainer Jay was recently diagnosed with Type I Diabetes ( www.jdrf.org ). Watch how they work through their obstacles on the road to a cure in this motivational video.



The video was created to increase awareness for Glycogen Storage Disease 1a and Diabetes 1a while capturing the inspiration of Jake and Jay’s physical and emotional challenges and triumphs.


CONAIR social media commercials

(Creative, Production, Direction, Post)

When using the Conair Hot Brush, hair is straightened beautifully with time to spare for life … And our lifestyle fashion spots capture just that, as the models demo the product and then bounce into life with excited confidence.

Captured through stylized photography and authentic lifestyle scenes, each spot highlights the product features with smooth, shiny results. Looking great while on the go.

Conair infiniti pro hair commercial



(Creative, Production and Post)

The Rosso Sisters music video tease for Virgin Records launched their break out. Styled and shot under a tight deadline the girls bright colorful pop of music, charm and playfulness bounce off the screen.