The following videos were created using stock footage to tell a story. We work closely with our clients to flesh out a creative narrative that best served their brand message. Graphics and font where designed to match their brand guidelines.


An investment, lending and insurance firm new to the market looked to Rumpus to craft a video that encompassed life’s great moments. This is the first in a series of videos that will launch this company.


NELAT is an intelligent system designed to detect the best candidate for business and home needs.  Assembling footage to support so many careers along with dynamic actions was a challenge.  This is where stock footage becomes a powerful tool, allowing us a wide range of locations and talent.



Working with stock footage and some some live action shoot material we stitched together a marketing video that captures the essence of possibility and teases the insight offered by Believe. From shoot, edit, stock footage sourcing, music selection and voice over selection and record, every step of the process was balanced with the core message of the book.

The book is available worldwide through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes.