MAGALIX company and culture overview video

Magalix introduces AI to the cloud.

My Calm Blanket social media and web branded video

Sleep better? Sleep longer? It's all about the blanket.

Edge Headphones launch and social media campaign

The future is here. AI powered wireless headphones are more then just headphones.

SHURE MICROPHONE Social media video

To commemorate 50 years, the Shure SM58 microphone weaves through a performers career.

Fight for a cure of GSD and Diabetes social media PSA

A motivational video for GSD and Diabetes shot on location in NY.

TAYLORSON DESIGN web page and social media video

Taylorson Design web fashion video interview and behind the scenes of the photo shoot.

Beckmen Vineyards Web page and social media Video and Photography

Web videos and still photography capture a working estate Vineyard.

Barbie I Can be Doc Video Campaign

Doc-narrative videos expanding the Barbie I Can Be campaign with Pro Surfer.