The following mini-case studies highlight our tech product video campaigns from new brand launches to social media. With each video we aim to capture a products unique offering and share it through memorable images.


wi6With a new era in wireless technology, Wi-Charge introduces a unique wireless power charging device for phones and more. Crafted for a social media and website launch (20 mill views)  the live action footage was shot around the concept of a day in the life of a young woman. The charging transmitter activates sleeve devices in each scene, represented by animated beam graphics to enhanced the features of the device.


Our client returned with an expanded application and the need to tell a new story.

We crafted a video that explored the endless possibilities of wireless charging doors within a stylized design approach.



In the need for call privacy on all of your incoming calls? The Couchgram APP offers multiple functions to manage your call privacy. Currently in 230 countries Couchgram APP is expanding in the US market and refreshing its website with the Rumpus created content.  The video showcases the app’s use as part of a fun family affair. Found on the play google app store.



With the launch of Disney’s Club Penguin island mobile game, we teamed with Disney Channel to create a promo video with “Stuck in the Middle” stars Ariana Greenblatt and Malachi Barton. Once creative and set design were locked we jumped straight into building the set and shooting. Graphic game branded design and snappy editing enhanced the features of the game and introduced a new “Tangled the Series” avatar.



Spearheaded by our video campaign, a new generation of AI powered wireless headphones hit the market. With short and long form promo videos showcasing the many ground breaking features, the Edge headphone from Nahamichi stands out from others. Animated graphics highlight and demonstrate the AI attributes of the headphones while music punctuates the scene tones.

The video has been released across several digital platforms from social media to crowd sourcing sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

The varied landscapes from an urban city center to a beach landscape offered a perfect canvas for the talents interactions with the headphone.