Here are a few mini case studies crafted around a testimonial format. No matter what the service or product, we work closely with our clients to develop and execute a dynamic story that resonates with their target audience. We always aim to capture authentic real stories with a visual quality that enhances the story message.


Magalix has introduced a unique AI cloud based infrastructure. With offices in Seattle and San Francisco we interviewed founders, client, VC and experts who shared a story of cloud service challenges and the solutions Magalix offers. In addition to this video several cut down short videos were created for social media.


To commemorate 50 years as the most popular live vocal mic in the world we crafted a doc-narrative video around singer and performer Kristine Mirelle and her unforgettable experiences with the Shure SM58 microphone.  Her story touches on the personal experiences of life as a performer in Los Angeles and how the SM58 was there from the beginning.



To capture the Taylorson story from design, sourcing and creation, designer and CEO Elizabeth shares her journey across 5 continents to find and perfect her vision of a sheen knit with fine yarn. In addition to her story and the visual showcase of the clothing, Rumpus created 360-degree videos for each line of product.

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Capturing the Beckmen estate vineyard and wine tasting room was a unique experience. Shot over two weekends from early sun rise over the vineyards to the harvesting of grapes and fermentation, we fully immersed ourselves in the wine making process. The owners Steve and Tom Beckmen walked us through each step of the process and shared their story of creating an estate vineyard and the operations behind the magic of delicious wine worthy of the Obama White House.



Spearheaded by our video campaign, a new generation of AI powered wireless headphones hit the market. With short and long form promo videos showcasing the many ground breaking features, the Edge headphone from Nahamichi stands out from others. Animated graphics highlight and demonstrate the AI attributes of the headphones while music punctuates the scene tones.


With a new era in wireless technology, Wi-Charge introduces a unique wireless power charging device for phones and more. Crafted for a social media and website launch (20 mill views)  the live action footage was shot around the concept of a day in the life of a young woman. The charging transmitter activates sleeve devices in each scene, represented by animated beam graphics to enhanced the features of the device.