You’ve received this link because we want to see and hear more about you for our current casting through a self submission. This is a quick guide to what we are looking for and where to submit your video, picture & specs.

VIDEO  (x1)

Please record yourself in good lighting. That means light on your face. The more light on the front of your face the better. If you can set the camera up and step away even better. We want to see you in a medium shot waist up, as these two example show.

Tell us a little about yourself (name, who you are, why you are perfect for this role) and then give us some actions that reflect this role. We want to see your profile as well. If no dialogue then just give us a range of expressions and looks. Think about 1-2minutes in length total.


A candid non-pro shot of you smiling. At least waist up. We don’t want to see your tongue or crazy poses – this is not an instragram post.

SPECS (x1)

Tell us your contact information and sizes… and you don’t need to go into great detail.

Height, Hips, Waist, Shoe, Dress size is fine.


Email it to us at: pkiely@rumpuscreative.com

or if its too big let us know and we’ll send you a drop box link. We want to keep your video on file for future jobs. Don’t send us links to your you tube page..they get lost, we forget, and we can’t compile our selects for our clients.